Stay at home, now what?

Many people get the message: “stay at home, as much as possible”. But what if you want to keep exercising and your sports club is closed? And what if you work from home? you probably sit more. What you can do is: exercise at home, train with weights or resistance bands. Or go play football outdoor with your children for fifteen minutes. Or you can also go for a nice walk in nature. This way you stay fit.

ski & snowboard service

The ski season has already started. The Tillemans family, father and son, are working hard: watch the film.

Service of your skis and snowboard for more fun! The repair of the glide zone, the grinding of the steel sides and the waxen of the ski or snowboard. And for your safety, checking the bindings is very important. The binding of the ski must open if necessary during fall.

Summer Sale !

In the summer we live as much as possible outside, at home or on vacation, to optimally enjoy the temperature. Nice swimming and snorkeling.

the entire month of August SUMMER SALE

 with discounts up to 50%

ready for summer

the festival PINKPOP start this weekend!

It is perfect festival weather; the dress code is a pair of shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, a cap for the Sun and a long-sleeve in the evening. Also think of a small backpack.

Weather forecast: “the day starts probably dry with occasional Sun. In the course of the morning and early afternoon showers about the festival site and probably draw than a raincoat is of course essential.

hello summer

The beautiful sunny days are coming again.

Shop everything you need for a sporty summer

bikini, swimming shorts, bathing suit or beach slippers …

Passion for the sport

Sport Tillemans wants to let the athlete share their passion for the sport. Like no other they know what’s going on in your sport. The customer-friendly team can provide you with the right advice, has expertise, offers excellent service and ensures that you can practice your sport with the right materials.


To the gym

Whatever your goal is or whatever schedule you use, we have the right training materials for every training so you can fully focus on your training. Which fitness clothing suits you best depends on your personal preferences. For example, are you someone who sweats quickly during a workout? Then choose breathable fitness clothing. The better your equipment, the better you can handle the challenge. Are you looking for running shoes with anti-pronation or neutral running shoes? With us you can have your course analyzed and we give good advice.

Get ready for wintersport!

A skiing holiday is the best thing there is, but ensuring that your equipment is in order can be an entire undertaking. How do you choose the right ski gear, what is the best ski for you and how do you go well protected on the slopes? With us you will find all the information you need to choose the right winter sports equipment. The maintenance of skies and snowboards, grinding and waxing, we do ourselves, but also not unimportant is the adjustment of the binding of the skies.

For more information about our service offer and prices, see “Wintersportservice” on our site. Free parking in front of the door.

50 Years NATO in Brunssum

on Wednesday 31 may there is the celebration of 50 years of NATO in Brunssum. The fest will take place at the Lindeplein, with an official ceremony under the watchful eye of King Willem-Alexander, and in the vijverpark is in the afternoon a family celebration. Therefore, parts of the centre closed to traffic. The rumpenerstraat is, in part, closed off, from the roundabout at baker Smeets until 2 o’clock in the afternoon. (only for cars)

we are open from 9 to 6 !

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 50 jaar navo in brunssum

need new running shoes?

Time to check your shoes before injuries are, for example, ankle, knee or hip, and even neck and back. The cause often lies with the shoes.

All running shoes wear out eventually. They lose their effectiveness after about 10 miles. Take the old running shoes with you, and we will verify by a loop analysis if they need replacing.